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EC-Drill® operations in the Gulf of Mexico

Enhanced Drilling has successfully completed the first of four wells for a major Operator in the US Gulf of Mexico using EC-Drill®. The EC-Drill® system is a Controlled Mud Level (CML) type Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system that manipulate and control the mud level in the riser to change Bottom Hole Pressure. The EC-Drill® system was used to navigate the narrow bottom hole pressure windows for both drilling and completion operations. 

The following operations were delivered as planned:

  • Drilling two hole sections using Constant Bottom Hole Pressure (CBHP) version of MPD. Including associated operations under managed pressure:  tripping, pumping out of hole, reaming, flow checks
  • Managed Pressure Cementing (MPC) including associated MPD operations: casing running, casing circulation
  • World’s first horizontal Managed Pressure Gravel Packing (MPGP) operation with a CML system. Including associated Managed Pressure Completion operations: tripping, circulating mud to brine, and flow checks