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Honoring Three Remarkable Careers at Enhanced Drilling

Let's celebrate the impressive careers of three of Enhanced Drilling's most dedicated employees. Each has dedicated decades to our success and played a key role in shaping our company culture. At our 2023 Christmas party, we honored Hege Vindenes, Ulf Ketil Rustad and Kenneth Paulsen with speeches and the Medal for Long and Faithful Service.

For long and faithful service: Hege Vindenes has been part of the Enhanced Drilling team since 1991.
"Celebrating the anniversaries of Hege, Ulf, and Kenneth not only highlights their exceptional loyalty and commitment but also underscores our appreciation for their significant roles in our growth at Enhanced Drilling. Their dedication drives our success and shapes our future. We're deeply grateful for the years they've invested with us and excited to continue our journey together. Their enduring presence is a cornerstone of our company's ongoing success" 

- Monica Lereim Hansen, HR Manager Enhanced Drilling

Hege Vindenes: Thirty Years of Excellence


Hege Vindenes, our esteemed Workshop Assistant, celebrates thirty years with us. Hege joined out team at Straume on 13th of September 1993. Known for her superb organizational skills and methodical approach, Hege has greatly improved our workshop operations. Her careful attention to detail ensures everything runs smoothly, setting a high standard for all. At the Christmas party, we applauded her steadfast dedication and crucial role in our day-to-day success. Thank you, Hege, for thirty wonderful years, and here's to many more.  

Kenneth Paulsen: Leading by Example for Thirty-Five Years

IMG_6836-1Kenneth Paulsen, a key Offshore Operator, has been with us for an impressive thirty-five years. Kenneth became part of the Enhanced Drilling team on 1st of June 1988. Today, it has been impressive 35 years. Renowned for his leadership and proactive approach, Kenneth has been instrumental in mentoring new staff and advancing our standards. We celebrated his thirty-fifth anniversary at our Christmas event, where we recognized his ongoing excellence and impactful leadership.


Ulf Ketil Rustad: A Steady Hand for Thirty YearIMG_6821

Ulf Ketil Rustad, our talented Offshore Operator, marked thirty years with Enhanced Drilling in 2021, as he joined our team at Straume on 1st of July 1991. Due to Covid-19, the celebration of this impressive anniversary had to wait. Ulf’s in-depth knowledge of offshore operations and his calm, precise handling of complex situations have made him a trusted team member. His peers often seek his guidance and find inspiration in his work. Ulf’s commitment to safety and efficiency has significantly boosted our operations. At the party, we praised his thirty years of hard work and significant contributions.