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Our EC-Drill® Dual MPD Leading Offshore Innovation: crossing the Atlantic with Stena Evolution

Join us as we voyage on the Stena Evolution from South Africa to the Gulf of Mexico, where our mission is to ensure the EC-Drill® Dual MPD system is operational upon arrival, delivering a new standard in drilling efficiency and safety. Read the interview with our team onboard:

From left: Enhanced Drilling Offshore Operators Øyvind Bessesen and Espen Haugs, together with Control System Engineer Kristoffer Monsen and Offshore Operator Tellef Havig.


No dull day at work for Enhanced Drilling delivering enabling advanced technology to our valued customer, Stena Evolution.

We spoke with our dedicated team members positioned on the open sea, just outside Brazil.

They could report encounters with flying fish, great collaboration onboard Stena Evolution, admiring bright stars on the night sky without light pollution, and undergoing the King Neptune Ceremony, all at work for Enhanced Drilling.

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The team's commitment shines through as they navigate the complexities of logistics and equipment management, emphasizing the critical role of communication in their daily operations.

- Right now, a lot is riding on Kristoffer Monsen, our Control System Engineer. We knew this phase would be demanding. Everything must first be physically positioned and cabled before we can establish communication, which is what Kristoffer is currently focusing on. Planning for logistics and placement is our priority, Tellef explains, highlighting the intricate planning behind the scenes.


Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

As the rig prepares to reach its capacity, our Enhanced Drilling team focuses on equipment and logistics planning, highlighting the expectation of a busy environment upon arrival. 

Despite the amount of work ahead, the team finds comfort in the unique experiences that only the vast ocean can offer. Tellef shares his personal reflections on the journey, noting the gradual warmth with each passing day and the surreal encounters with marine life far from land: 

- It's odd to suddenly cross paths with a container ship in the middle of nowhere. Out here, you feel more alone, in the middle of the vast sea, Tellef says. He adds:


- The most beautiful experience so far has been being in the middle of the sea, gazing up at a sky free from light pollution, where the stars shine with unmatched clarity, Tellef says. 


Enhanced Drilling will operate our groundbreaking EC-Drill® Dual MPD which is a Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system where two MPD methods are combined.

It operates by default in CML mode with the ability to seamlessly switch to SBP mode to enable the best of both MPD worlds. This is achieved by adding a Riser Closure Device to the EC-Drill system.