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Drillers: - Not an Option to Not Use Enhanced Drilling’s EC-Drill®

Join us in visiting the West Phoenix, operational with EC-Drill® on the Balder field offshore of Stavanger, Norway. We saw and heard firsthand experience for the drillers during operation.


Well after Well: Experienced Driller Mark Briggs from Seadrill steers towards success while explaining the goal for today’s wells.

EC-Drill® Takes Drilling to Success

The wells scheduled for drilling proved challenging to drill conventionally, with instances of wellbore collapse and downhole losses, resulting in operational delays for the West Phoenix team.


It’s my first-time using EC-Drill®, despite my long drilling experience. I’ve only got good things to say about the EC-Drill® technology, in these challenging reservoir sections it has truly been an enabler for success, says Seadrill Driller Mark Briggs.

The Driller's Trusted Advisor

Picture 1Briggs is a couple of hours into his shift. The weather is calm, considering it is late November. However, the forecast for the upcoming weekend predicts strong winds.

While Briggs steers with the joysticks, Assistant Derrickman from Seadrill, Allan Buchan, pays close attention from the opposite side of the drill floor.

- We trust the Enhanced Drilling people, Briggs says while looking at Buchan who nods across the drill floor.

The West Phoenix rig team was put to a difficult task when they started the Balder campaign.  

- It’s been smooth sailing since we got the Enhanced Drilling crew onboard. They keep us informed and communicate very well, Briggs states.Picture 1l

Six experienced Enhanced Drilling offshore operators are onboard the rig during our visit.

They are available 24/7 for the driller working the same schedule as the rig drilling crew.

Additionally, a dedicated Enhanced Drilling team onshore closely follows up on West Phoenix operations."

- Like I said, I trust them. They’re reliable because they are always here quickly if we need them and they have been truly helpful throughout this, Briggs says.­