New EC-Drill® visualisation tool illustrates unique CML technique

The EC-Drill® visualisation tool illustrates the Controlled Mud Level (CML) technique that our EC-Drill® MPD technology enables. EC-Drill® controls Bottom Hole Pressure by adjusting the Fluid Level in the riser.

EC-Drill® visualisation tool

EC-Drill® enables operators to 'drill the undrillable' well. To illustrate the Controlled Mud Level (CML) technique that our EC-Drill® MPD technology enables, we have created a tool that allows the user to adjust the various elements such as flow rate and mud level.

The tool can be used to show:

  • Compensation for pumping friction pressure while pumping – increase flowrate and decrease level to stay between pore and frac pressure
  • Compensate for cuttings loading – increase the ROP causes cuttings loading to rise and the associated increase in density of fluid in the well. Use Mud Level to bring this back down between pore and frac
  • You can also see how the same BHP can be achieved with a heavier mud weight and reduced riser level which can better fit pore/frac profile in deepwater wells

The tool allows visualisation of the effect on the pressure profile in the well as these parameters are adjusted.

By using the Advanced function, the tool allows you to also select:

  • Choice of units
  • Adjusting the pore frac profile
  • Scaling of the illustration


Take a look at the tool and see what happens when trying to adjust the fluid levels in the riser.


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