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Enhanced Drilling wins contract with Vår Energi for combined EC-Drill®

VÅR ENERGI, one of the leading oil and gas companies in Norway, has awarded Enhanced Drilling a contract amendment to include the combined EC-Drill® system for drilling new wells in the Balder field in the North Sea.

Contract awarded for ombined EC-Drill® system

The contract awarded is for the combined EC-Drill® Controlled Mud Level Services.

One system, three services  

The delivery of the proprietary and combined EC-Drill® system is essentially a system that can deliver three services in one, performing CML (Controlled Mud Level) services, as well as CTS (Cuttings Transport) and zero-discharge RMR® (Riserless Mud Recovery) services.

The combined EC-Drill® system has previously been deployed successfully in the Norwegian Sea, and the systems included are based on Enhanced Drilling’s extensive experience from CTS, RMR® and CML operations over the last 10 years.

Efficient and sustainable production 

The Balder field is the very first production license on the NCS, and according to Vår Energi, the operator is aiming to increase recovery and extend the production lifetime from the field. In mature fields such as Balder, the EC-Drill® system can be used to reduce fluid losses in depleted reservoirs. This can help extend the life of mature fields and increase the use of existing infrastructure.

Enhanced Drilling’s proven CTS and RMR® technology have been used on over 1000 wells worldwide to recycle drilling mud whilst improving safety and efficiency. RMR® ensures all mud and cuttings are returned to the rig, with zero discharge to the sea.  

‘Strong track record’ 

Bernt Eikemo, Enhanced Drilling’s VP Sales & Marketing, said:

’We are thrilled to be working with Vår Energi and to contribute to the life extension of the Balder field. The contract awarded to Enhanced Drilling is a testament to our strong track record of successfully drilled wells and that our solutions and technologies are sustainable, reliable, and trusted’. 

The work is due to commence in March 2023.

Technologies and services 

Enhanced Drilling aims to be the global leader in clean offshore well-bore pressure and volume control and help oil & energy companies around the world solve challenges on all types of subsea wells. Enhanced Drilling’s technologies improve safety and efficiency and have become widely recognized for its unique, more environmentally responsible, “closed system” solutions for seabed & marine protection. 

Enhanced Drilling’s proven technologies have been deployed on over 1000+ wells worldwide and the newly developed EC- Monitor™ system was named the Best Well Integrity Technology 2022.  

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