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We never compromise on safety. Spotlight on HSEQ manager Richard Hamre

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality -  spotlight on Enhanced Drilling’s own HSEQ manager, Richard Hamre

Safety is at the core of all Enhanced Drilling’s activities which is why we never compromise on it.

'Continuously working to ensure that safety is a natural part of our company’s culture is something I enjoy the most. Ensuring that all our colleagues feel that any potential risk they could face at work is addressed',

- Richard Hamre,  HSEQ Manager at Enhanced Drilling. 


I believe that all incidents can be prevented through a strong safety culture, doing the job right the first time, and a strong commitment to HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) in all parts of our organisation.

What is most interesting being a HSEQ Manager?

The most interesting part of being HSEQ Manager is that my job is basically about preventing harm to people and environment. It is rewarding to think that my contribution may have prevented a colleague from getting hurt. For me, to be able to succeed, it is important that everyone in the organisation has a strong commitment towards the same goal.


The diversity in the work is very interesting with focus on HSE management, Quality management, Risk Management and Environmental management. Always aiming to improve on all areas by working systematically with continuous improvement.

What do you believe is most important to ensure a safe work environment?

By having a strong HSE culture and by doing things the right way the first time we can ensure a safe work environment. At work, we do tasks that can be dangerous if the proper barriers are not in place. Examples of high energy work tasks includes working at height, falling objects, lifting operation, working with high pressures and working on electrical equipment.

By following procedures and using our key safety tools, we are able to do these activities in a safe manner.

I find that having a good dialogue and an open communication enables us as a team to better identify, mitigate and challenge risks. If a potential risk is identified we stop the job via our Stop Job Authority, discuss the issue and find a solution on how to move forward in a safe manner. The Stop job authority empowers every one of our employee, contractor or visitors with the authority and responsibility to exercise an intervention when unsafe conditions or actions are perceived.

This is strongly embedded in our company culture.

Always here to support

Reliability is a key factor in Enhanced Drilling’s culture. We exercise stringent quality controls on all our equipment and services. This to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operations for our clients.

We follow up of any non-conformances, non-productive time and/ or failures to learn from the incidents and come out even stronger after handling the case.

Also, should any of our offshore operations have any emergency or operational questions, Enhanced Drilling offers a 24-hour support line, making us easy to reach, at any time.

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