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Operational excellence with new Hyper Care Team

Constant innovation for delivery of optimized high quality operations to our customers, brought about Enhanced Drilling´s brand new Hyper Care Team.


Eager to pave the way ahead

Especially challenging projects, such as pump swap outs, larger maintenance projects and special operations will from now on be managed by the “Hyper Care Team”, led by experienced Stian Håpoldøy.

The first tasks for the new team is pump change on Transocean Deepwater Proteus in Q1 2024. In addition to planned “in between well” maintenance.

Overseeing this work is Stian Håpoldøy, who has been part of Enhanced Drilling since 2006. He has held several positions within the company such as Operations Lead, Project Manager, Site Leader and EC-Drill field specialist.

The possibility to take a step up within Enhanced Drilling is something he cherishes, as the team´s big responsibilities lay ahead:


 - I am very excited and looking forward to this new position; I feel that this is a position that will suit me very well.  Having been involved in many of Enhanced Drillings most challenging projects both from the onshore and offshore side of the table, I understand what it takes to deliver a successful operation in a stressful and challenging environment.

Stian Håpoldøy, Hyper Care Team lead, Enhanced Drilling.

A small team with a big responsibility


As of early January 2024 the team consists of Stian Håpoldøy and Tom Ewen Vetland. They plan to grow into 3-4 permanent members, calling in recourses from the offshore group and from engineers based onshore when necessary. Full team will thus consist of 10-12 members covering all disciplines.

Although the Hyper Care Team is just in its initial phase, customers have already welcomed the idea:


We´re recieving much positive feedback from current customers. I am confident that having a specialist team will strengthen our product line and thus improve the quality of the service we provide.

Stian Håpoldøy, Hyper Care Team lead, Enhanced Drilling


Straume workshop 5

Constantly adapting to the needs of our customers

As Enhanced Drilling´s operations worldwide are increasing, the need for a specialist team to assist with more challenging projects has arisen. The ultimate objective is to perform specialized operations in a safe and efficient manner ensuring we deliver on time and according to our high standards. 

The team look forward to working by the three pillars: strategic, methodical and with a high focus on planning.