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Sunniva's way back from isolation led to the Enhanced Drilling workshop

Sunniva (22) was diligent in school and put immense pressure on herself. This led to dropout and feeling marginalized. Sunniva got a second change, and has now been a part of our team since January 2024.

The Norwegian newspaper Vestnytt visited Sunniva at work in our Straume Workshop, read full article here

Read full article from Vestnytt and interview with Sunniva




At Enhanced Drilling, we firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset. Inclusivity and diversity are not just core values; they are integral to our recruitment strategy. We are dedicated to upholding a tradition of embracing individuals from all walks of life, understanding that the rich variety of perspectives and experiences they bring is what truly enriches our international workplace culture.

Our people are what drives our innovation journey forward.