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West Phoenix rig talk with Drilling Supervisor drilling challenging sections

Enhanced Drilling’s Marketing Manager Pernille Fjørtoft Grøsvik went offshore to West Phoenix where EC-Drill® has been an enabler for success. Read what the experienced drilling team had to say about tapping into unlocked potential in the reservoirs.

To the left: Kristen Wanvik, Drilling Supervisor. To the right: Christian Jørstad, Drilling Engineer. Wanvik and Jørstad are both from Vår Energi, currently offshore on West Phoenix.


"EC-Drill® is undoubtedly a very good system"
- Kristen Wanvik, Drilling Supervisor, Vår Energi.

Wanvik monitors live rig data feeding his monitor, he is supervising the ongoing drilling this early morning.

We meet with Wanvik offshore on West Phoenix just as the forecast says storm. Operations are ongoing, after initial challenges and setbacks, ultimately solved by Enhanced Drilling’s CML system, EC-Drill®.


Increased efficiency in drilling with EC-Drill®



- It’s all good when the drilling operations run as smoothly as this, Wanvik says smiling.


 Along with the West Phoenix crew, Wanvik and his colleague across the desk initially struggled with drilling the planned wells.  


  • - We are using EC-Drill® a lot more than we thought. It has been a door opener, Wanvik says.



When questioned on the additional benefits discovered implementing the CML system, EC-Drill®, Wanvik and his well engineer colleague Christian Jørstad state:


 - It saves us time and smoothens the drilling. Especially as we have been able to manipulate the riser level and adjust bottom hole pressure during drilling and connections.


The Enhance Drilling offshore team implemented in the West Phoenix rig team has been involved since March 2023. In collaboration with Seadrill drillers, wells have been delivered with high efficiency and within budgeted time.